Reposition assets in a group

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an experience which help people to choose clothes in a mall.
I’m using a group with a virtual model in the background and areas (top, bottom, hat and shoe) to change the clothes in the foreground. As i need to adjust the position on every clothes the areas are not in the virtual model group.
At the end, i would like to send a snapshot via e-mail.

You can see my current work here : Demo Samaritaine v2 - YouTube

As you can see on the e-mail form, the model doesn’t have any clothes as the areas are not in the group “snapshoted”.

My questions are :

  • Is it possible to reposition/resize assets like images in a group ?
  • or is there a way to snapshot just a part of the screen ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi @vincent1 ,

Actually, when you take a snapshot, you provide the target to this action.
Meaning you can take a snapshot for instance of a group, with all your assets inside, and they will be flattened and put in the final picture generated.

I recommend you to have a look at the dedicated article from our Help Center here:

Sample usage:
You can have a group containing a Webcam Asset and a transparent png in an Image Asset, and by using snapshot of this group, generate a picture with a logo branding over it. That’s a method we (at Intuiface) used several times in trade shows for instance (see below).

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Hi Alex and thank you for your answer,

My problem is a bit more complicated than just 1 watermark.
Since i build a virtual “fitting” xp, i have 6 different areas : hat, top, bottom, shoes, coat and accessories.
All the items don’t have the same size and the same position on the model.
For exemple, an accessory can be a hand bag but can be also a banana bag .
Every time i choose an item, i define the correct area and position it using X, Y, H and W values on the model.
I had to put the areas outside of the group to manage them. When i put them in the group, they can 't be moved (as i know from my limited experience).
For now, the only option i see is to snapshot the all scene and crop it using a third party software.
I there any simplier options ?

Thank you very much for your time !
Best regards,

PS : can i get an Intuiface cap ? :slight_smile:

Hi @vincent1

About this

You can still use a move action on an asset into a group, the only difference is that coordinates X/Y won’t be related the whole scene (1920x1080 for instance) but based on group size.

Is means if you have for instance a 500x500 group with an image inside, if you move the image to coordinate X:250/Y:250 it will be at the center of the group.



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Hi Alex,

That’s exactly what i wanted to ear :slight_smile:

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