Remote triggers vs Intuipad vs REST API

Hi ,
I tried using Remote triggers from a Android tablet to control the screen (change screen, trigger actions) but was unable to get it to work (I have a composer license that shows the player that needs to be controlled)
What is the difference between remote trigger , Intuipad and REST API method ?
Can anyone please share a working remote trigger example or intuipad example

Hi @PQuest,

Here is a help article on Introduction to Remote actions. Take a look at that because what device you are using might dictate what method you use. For example, Local Network Triggers are only supported on Windows PCs

Intuipad is no long supported as of 23-Sept-2021.

Here is a help article on Create a REST-based Web Service Interface Asset using API Explorer.

If you are having errors then I would suggest you contact our support team directly.


Hi @PQuest,

9 times out of 10, if a remote action from an Android (or other device) doesn’t work on a Windows Player (or Composer), it’s a network / firewall issue. To troubleshoot your current experiences, you need to

If all of this don’t work, then as @rdriscoll suggested, contact our support team and share both your XPs and we’ll test that on our own network.


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Hi @PQuest ,
All of the above mentioned items from @Seb need to be checked.
Here’s an example of an XP I built a few years ago with Local triggers:

Local triggers require your devices to be on the same network. For this XP, I basically used the local triggers to for next/prev of collections, and also hitting toggle buttons. It took a lot of testing, but worked very well in the end.

Then there are “External Triggers” which devices do not need to be on the same network, but I think you need an enterprise platform plan, and you need to enable the functionality through your Intuiface Portal. I have not built an XP with External Triggers just yet, but I have ideas and plans to build some.

I’m sorry I cannot share the XP with you since it is sensitive to the client. But hopefully it gives you an example of what’s possible. Good luck.


@AlexB I believe you are referring to Web Triggers which are indeed available on all platforms and require a Premier or Enterprise Intuiface Platform license :wink: