Rectangle Radius deforms


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When I have a rounded rectangle with a radius of 50 (but any radius will do) and then resize that rectangle (for a dropdown menu for example) it will deform the entire rectangle. Have you also encountered this problem? Perhaps a way to fix it?

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Hi @nicholas.vanbeylen

I would try and not put the rectangle inside the assetgrid and place it behind the grid in a group, are you able to show your Scene structure?




Hi Louie,
Here is the scene structure.
CUSTOMER FILTER ACHTERGROND is the red rectangle (dropdown)
CUSTOMER FILTER asset grid should appear in front of the rectangle as an options list.
Behind the red rectangle is the general reference list, so the red rectangle should be over/ in front of this list.

Furthermore I want to add that If I play the animation in the triggers and actions panel, everything is fine. The rectangle is resized properly, just the way I want it to be. But as soon as I watch it in the actual player, the rectangle gets deformed as seen in the picture of my previous post.

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Hi Nicholas,

It looks like you’re having this issue only when using the “Player for tablets/kiosks” play mode in Composer, right?
This seems to be a bug of this platform that doesn’t occur on Windows.
I reported it to our product team.