Push content to Social Media? (Facebook&Twitter)


Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

Has anyone ever managed to push content to social media for example.

Snapshot and some text to Twitter or Facebook? Under someones twitter account or Facebook page.

Has anyone created an asset for it or do we think that Intuiface should bring this functionality to IFC.

Your thoughts below please.

If anyone has achieved something like this it would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


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I wonder if there’s another service out there that could help for a short term solution? Something Like Zapier or ITTT…at a 30 second glance, I came across this: https://zapier.com/app/min/3833/start

So I wonder if you could set up email addresses and have the display send info to them for posting. Just brainstormin’.


Like the brainstorming idea here, since we’ve been asking ourselves how to achieve this for quite a long time now :slight_smile:

This Zapier based solution sounds good when you want a user to post on a public page. Ex: take a photo in a photobooth and post it on the shop official Facebook page, or event dedicated Facebook page. This is easier since the social network credentials are unique and known in advance.
I’ll try to investigate it later this week.

The other scenario is when you want the user to be able to post on his personal social network, which requires an identification with personal information. More delicate…


Has this been achieved yet?

Seb? Mihai?

Kind Regards



yeah, love the idea… maybe this becomes more feasible in version 6.0?


Version 6.0 will definitely help to use services like Zapier or other APIs on the web but won’t solve the privacy design issue :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

We have done so in a couple of projects but posting to a fanpgage:

  1. From a kiosk with intuiface, user takes a selfie
  2. User inputs name/email & agree disclaimer
  3. We save that selfie / user info to be used at a big led screen on event “5x2 mts” so users can see themselves right away and have their 5 minutes of fame.
  4. Post Selfie/Name/e-mail to our server
  5. Developed a web app that gets user information and shows it on a moderator portal
  6. A human moderator authorize/reject every record, just to make shure we do not post anything undesired on the fanpage
  7. Once a picture is posted at the fanpage, our system triggers a personalized email to the user including the URL for their picture at the fanpage.

This generates content for fanpages & viralizing by users, this is how it works:


I’m keen to hear if anyone else has got a work around. need the ability to post a picture from a kiosk to someones FB timeline


Hi Guys,

After talking with an IntuiFace user earlier today then reading this nice article from hubspot, I found a way to easily let a user post an image from an IntuiFace experience to his / her personal Facebook account.

Check this IntuiFace quick sample.

Note this solution only works in Composer / Player for Windows.

It uses:

Let me know what you think of this solution!



Hi Gaz, we can help you to post on a FanPage, and trigger an email to final user.