Print to an interface?

Is it possible to share a photo or pdf to an intuiface live and display it on the screen as an object?


Hi Rob,

Yes this is possible, but please could you clarify what you mean as an “Object”

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@mr.smith100285 There’s also an IFTTT app that allows you to send a new photo to an IF experience as a new asset.

Like this mate

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i really like the look of this setup for a drinks ordering menu. I am thinking of having tokens which will be the menus and mini carts for each person, then the table features can be double tap to load mini menu which has web browser, mini apps, our social media feeds, galery etc what you think. so i would have up to 6 glasss objects which will be drinks menu and cool thinks attached to it instead of having drinks menu on the double tap the customer needs one of these smart objects.