Play videos back to back without any black flash between

I am trying to play multiple videos (one at at time) that look like they are seamless, but just pause at different times. So say I have a 5 second video that animates some element. I want it to hold the last frame, then when I tap on teh screen or a button, to play the next video. I can do that, the problem is there is a black flash as it changes videos. I have tried no transitions, I have tried crossfade. There is always a flash or a black dropout. I want it to look like the video just started playing again. Is there any way to do that?

Think of it like this. A product is introduced on the screen in a 4 second video clip. Then the presenter talks about it a bit, then touches the screen and the product blows up and zooms into a part of the product. Each of these was a separate video, because I need it to pause at that one specific spot while they talk about it. Right now it flashes as it changes to the next video, but I want it to look like the video just continued on.

So far the only way I have gotten it to look like what I want is to make one big video file, then make a play button trigger that plays the video, then pauses after x number of seconds and then hides that play button to reveal another play button directly under it that is programed similarly but for a different duration before pausing. This is just super clunky and relies on timing and it seems to get off as it goes on because of frame rates in the video maybe lagging, but the pause based on the computer clock, not a specific place in the video or number of frames that have played.

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Hi @Jroman7 and welcome to the Intuiface community.

For such questions, I strongly recommend you to contact our support team here directly. They’ll much likely ask you to share your experience with them so they can test it on their side and come back to you in an efficient way.