Pinning objects in a group



I’m working on a page where I need objects to remain pin-able once they are moved into a group. I have two backgrounds in a flip chart, I want participants to be able to add post its to the background and then use the flip chart feature to switch to the other background, BUT keep the post its with the first background. Once I add the post its into the group though, they are unusable. Has anyone figured out a work around or another way to do this?


Hi @jeff_j_goodin,
Objects will not remain pin-able once they are moved into a group, but why do you need them to?
In your case it sounds like creating 2 Pinboards and adding these into a Flip Chart would be a suitable solution.


OK, pin boards look good, thanks for the help!
How can I make the post its not erase and lose their drawings when I flip the flip chart between the pinboards? They never hold their text even though they stay attached to the pin board.