Phidgets integration

We’re getting ready to do out first integration of a Phidgets USB Controller with an experience, and I wanted to ask the community for any tips, best practices, or cautionary tales from their projects.

Are you using the phidgets RFID tags, if yes, then you need to first write the tags in the phidgets control center app, otherwise intuiface will not recognise the tags. I put a tutorial on here sometime back on how to write those tags.

We are using the USB Controller board to recognize voltage occurring during button pushes.

Then you start with the base voltage and when its changed you need to create an if statement to do something in your experience.

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Hi @cullenb,

How is your Phidgets project going?

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It’s one of many that are being juggled, but it’s on hold until a later date. Working on an art table for kids at the moment. I’ll be posting some questions regarding some functionality I’m trying to tackle with it pretty soon.

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The art table was completed about three weeks back, and I was able to rethink the push button project to use 8 buttons. It was working with the 0/16/16 controller, but I hit a new error message a couple of days ago after the composer update. I’ve got a ticket in to support, so I’m waiting to hear back.

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Thanks for the feedback @cullenb.
Any chance you could share some pictures of the setup with us?

Yeah, sure thing.


The Phidgets Control Panel application is seeing all of the button pushes. Circuit closure wires on the button mechanisms and a ground are going into the controller board. The other set of positive and ground wires running out of the top of the photo go to a terminal block and then to a low-wattage power supply.

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This is installed and will be up and running on Monday. Many, many thanks to the extremely helpful folks at IntuiLab ; ) for your advice along the way.


@cullenb It’d be great to have a video or photos of the project running so we can promote your work. This is fantastic!

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We are planning a trip to the museum with a videographer/photographer after we get through this season. I will send these your way as soon as I can, but it may be a month or so. We will also send over video and photos for the art table we did for a children’s museum, and the recycling demo station for the materials recovery facility. Thanks again to Mihai, Seb, and the team for their assistance.


Here’s a link to our website that was just posted today for the Children’s Museum:


Wanted to post this earlier, but rushing from one project to the next. Here is the link to our website for the “Be a Fart Scientist” cabinet build: