Page moves by itself

We set up an interactive TV at our hotel lobby for guests. Guests can find info on restaurants, spa,other facilities etc. Many times the page currently displayed will suddenly change to Home page, even without touching the screen. It just flips back to Home page.
I am not sure if this problem comes from the software, hardware (our hard drive is compatible and meets the requirement) or the TV (Polytron). The TV is located at our open-space lobby hence it gets direct sunlight and salt air - not sure if that will have any impact.

Your input is greatly appreciated!


Have you by any chance been building your experience by copying a sample experience from the marketplace (Experience Marketplace | My Intuiface)?

Because, if that is the case, you probably have inactivity timers on the scenes that are triggered at around 3 mintues to go back to the home scene.

hello Chloe,

I designed it from scratch and not from Marketplace. I do have inactivity timer set to 1 minute, but the page would move by itself even less than 1 minute, even without touching the screen. Any idea?


No idea at the moment. I think the best thing to do would be to create a support ticket ( and share the experience with the support team (