Optimizing resources or whole project



First time user with no web skills needs to optimize resources or entire project. Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Kasey,

You can go through all the recommendation in this optimize performance article.
Please let us know if you have additional question.



You saw the project Sebastien, is there any way it will work as is?
I have two days until opening and no time to rebuild. What can I do without scrapping the whole thing which will leave a gaping hole in my exhibit layout.
The entire experience has been more than I should have taken on but at this point it is just a huge disappointment and way more stress than it is worth.




I remember the project. Did you see the notes I sent you 6 days ago after our meeting? I also shared the project I made with you, did you try to reuse this structure instead of the project you built?
If you encounter performance issue on the targeted device, the best thing to do will be to start a discussion with our support team and share your project with them.