Open an image using web api

I am looking for a way by which I can open a popup containing a picture and data using web api for
transferring a variable like product ID - All data will be extracted from Excel file

Hello Ofer,

From the few I read here, it seems really standard process and easy to do with Intuiface but can you give more details please:

  • what will trigger “open a popup”?
  • where the data and pictures related to product ID will be stored?

I also recommend you to check our dedicated “Connect your IntuiFace Experience to External Data using Excel and APIs” webinar:



Hi Alex

thanks for your reply

I’ll try to focus my question

  1. I know how to work with web api I have no problem sending and receiving messages out of the experience/

  2. My question is how do i give an external command to open a picture

the external command will contain an image file name or a path to a picture in a folder that will be stored locally in the experience
3. I would be happy to use any method provided that any external command opens an image

For example, if I sent three commands via web api, the three pictures will appear on the screen
4. Each image must be individually so we can control it separately

Close / minimize etc …

I’ve seen you opened a ticket on support, I let you continue over there.