Only show Airtable content dependent on system location



I’ve made a table with a device name property and I’m trying to have it only display relative information for that device. This way I can have one Project but each instance of the project will be different.

I’ve added Set sort[0][field] and Set sort[0][description] and dynamically linked them to the system info, but it just stays the same.

Any ideas?


Hello Tegan,

The parameter you are using are for Sorting, not Filtering.
It means you still have all your records in your answer from the request, but sorted on a specific column.

In order to filter, i-e get only records for a specific condition (a value on a specific column), you have to use filterByFormula, you can check all the details on implementing it on our dedicated article.

If you want to see it in action, we’re using Airtable filtering in the Digital Menu Board from the Marketplace, feel free to download and dig in it. There is also a related article explaining how it’s built here in the Help Center.

Kind regards,