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Hi @trenken311,

I just tried to create an 8000 pixel wide XP, with a full screen scroll collection. I added 5 images in the scroll, 8000 pixels each, so a 40.000 pixel wide scroll content. I had no issue to scroll through the 5 images using the scroll by (8000) pixel action on a button.

Could you explain / show us how different your case is from mine?

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It works that way just scrolling by a specific pixel amount. What I was saying doesnt work is the way louie suggested where you do a condition to check to see where the scroll collection currently is, and then have it jump to a point. That way of doing this just stops working after it gets too wide.

I have exactly what louie suggested working perfectly on a smaller sized scroll collection, but when I applied that to the 22k px wide version, it stopped working halfway through it.

Then again, (I know it sounds repetitive from me :slight_smile: ), Iā€™d recommend you to contact our support team and share your XP with the team so they can investigate in your specific case.

I havent kept that version that wasnt working. Im working on a lot of projects and dont really have time to spend working on a problem for much more than a day or 2, so I ended up having to ditch it.