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Oh perfect, thanks! So how do you actually move the controls to a different location? Im not seeing that anywhere.

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Oh! I somehow missed the repositioning of controls part of your question. :sweat_smile:

@Louie_Smith or @Alex may have a different take on this, but I’m thinking you may just have to forget the player controls that are provided natively in the collection controls and create a separate group of “handmade” (if you will) controls that you can advance through your collection.

i.e. make two different buttons in Photoshop (or other graphics editor), one buttons for forward, one for backward. Import them into IF, put in a group and place that group where you want within the scene. You can then add triggers/actions to each button so that when the forward image is clicked, then it will advance the collection by one item.

At least, that’s what I would do. :blush:

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And that’s a proper way to do :wink:

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Just thought i would jump in on this, for example if you are using a scroll collection You could simply have one button move forward and move back.

For example if you create a scroll collection and have your Groups 1,2,3,4,5 next to each other you can simply add multiple triggers to the one “Next” Button for example

WHEN Button > Is pressed > IF condition 1 "Horizontal offset (px) - “Equals” - “0” THEN > Scroll by X offset the width of the group.

I hope this help? I hopefully should be able to share a working example.

Kind Regards


For such a simple use case, I’d stick with the Swap collection which looks more adapted to me.

As @megan said, just

  • hide the default collection controls (appearance properties)
  • create your own buttons that call the next / previous action on the collection
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I dont understand what youre trying to explain. When I click THEN, I have to select a slide. But I dont want that. I just want the button to scroll to the next one.

Isnt there some way like in flash actionscript to somehow tell it, “on press, scroll to next slide?”

Sort of related question but my objects within a scroll group no longer snap to each other. They used to snap edge to edge but it doesnt work anymore. Any idea why?

Sorry yet another question. It seems like the positioning anchors of objects is centered on the object. This is really unusual for any sort of design or development apps. Its usually placed at the top left corner, so that when positioning an object, I can tell the x and y to be 0,0, and it makes it very easy to position things.

With it being centered, its making it difficult for me to figure out exactly where things need to be on the stage/canvas. In my project, for me to center an image that is the exact size of my canvas, the position has to be 4800x, 1080y. This is crazy. It should be 0,0. Is there a way to move the pivot point to the top left of the object. If its locked to the center of the x and y, this is going to be a nightmare for me building complex projects.

Bringing this up because now that my objects wont snap to each others edges, I have to position them using x,y coordinates, but this suddenly has become a real pain for me with the positioning of objects is based on the center of them!

Send your experience and then ill have a go to see if i can get it work :slight_smile:

How would I send it? The project is a bunch of gigs.

Dropbox? Or do you have Google Drive?

Hi @trenken311,

For such questions, I’d recommend you to contact our support team instead of community (no offense guys :wink: )
The Intuiface support team will ask to share your XP with them which keeps your data private.



So I actually got this to work :). Like I said im very new to intuiface so I forgot that you can add multiple triggers to the same object as like separate actions. I was confused by that since that is a little different than how flash worked.


See the + icon in the middle of this image? This is a scroll collection. Looks like a pivot point to me but its in an odd position. It’s not centered. What is this?

This is the “origin point” of your scroll collection. It’s kind of weird to see it here, so I’ll just assume that you have moved things back and forth on the left / top of the original point (top left corner).

Resetting it is not the easiest to do, so since you don’t have a ton of items / triggers&actions there, I’d recommend you create a new collection, at the right size, then move your items from the old one to the new one. That’ll give you a clean collection / origin point.


So Ive discovered that there are limitations to the width that you can make a scroll collection. I just did a small test with 5 items, and the next button with louie’s scripting suggestion works fine. Scrolls through all of the items.

As soon as that scroll collection is 5 items wide on a massive media wall and ends up being about 22,000 pixels wide, it’s not able to scroll all the way to the end. It just stops working when you get to the 3rd item. Really odd. I have it set up the same exact way as my smaller test, only difference is its REALLY large, and wont work properly.

Hi @trenken311,

I just tried to create an 8000 pixel wide XP, with a full screen scroll collection. I added 5 images in the scroll, 8000 pixels each, so a 40.000 pixel wide scroll content. I had no issue to scroll through the 5 images using the scroll by (8000) pixel action on a button.

Could you explain / show us how different your case is from mine?

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It works that way just scrolling by a specific pixel amount. What I was saying doesnt work is the way louie suggested where you do a condition to check to see where the scroll collection currently is, and then have it jump to a point. That way of doing this just stops working after it gets too wide.

I have exactly what louie suggested working perfectly on a smaller sized scroll collection, but when I applied that to the 22k px wide version, it stopped working halfway through it.

Then again, (I know it sounds repetitive from me :slight_smile: ), I’d recommend you to contact our support team and share your XP with the team so they can investigate in your specific case.

I havent kept that version that wasnt working. Im working on a lot of projects and dont really have time to spend working on a problem for much more than a day or 2, so I ended up having to ditch it.