[New Release] - V.6.3.5 - New Stuff Alert!


With dropping (northern hemisphere) temperatures, we’ve decided to warm things up with a few new and improved features that could get your heart racing.

READ EVERYTHING BELOW! It’s good to know what’s changed. I put something important towards the bottom as a carrot for getting through it all.

  • Color fans can now choose from radial and linear gradients in addition to solid colors. You’ll find these options in Composer’s color picker and they can be used with most things that can be colored, like buttons and shapes.
  • We’ve upgraded the embedded version of Chrome used in the Web Browser, HTML Frame, Flash, and YouTube Assets. Specifically, we’ve jumped from Version 55 to Version 65. Consider how good it feels to upgrade Chrome (or any other browser) on your PC or device. Sort of a modest excitement, right? That’s how you should feel about this - a general feeling of well-being. Better stability, better performance for sure. Here are some specific fixes we’ll highlight because you guys reported it.
    • (fix) Matterport models can now be manipulated with a mouse as well as via a touch screen.
    • (fix) Simple, static content will no longer (occasionally) disappear when first displayed. The workaround was to hide/show the Web Browser/HTML Asset. No more workaround required!
    • (fix) Unpinned YouTube Assets running 4k video have better visual quality now.
    • (fix) A couple of crashes have been crushed.
  • The default state of all assets - when first added to a scene in Composer - has been changed from Free to Static. We made this change because time has taught us that for most new users, defaulting to Free was not intuitive. Of course, once added to a scene, an asset’s Container property can be changed to Free or Pinnable.
    • NOTE: We also changed how one modifies the Container property. It used to be this little widget at the very top-right corner of the Properties panel. Now it has a dedicated section on the Container Behavior tab of the Properties panel.
  • The usual assortment of bug fixes and crash condition eliminations.

Ok, I was kidding about the carrot. But it feels good to read this, no? Like, what if you missed the part about the default asset state? I told you, you were better off.

You’ll find more detail in our release notes.