[New Partner] Introducing Nexmosphere and their portfolio of sensors and actuators

Thanks to a few conversations here on the Community, our team was exposed to the Netherlands-based Nexmosphere and their sensors and actuators. These devices - they call them “Elements” - range from buttons, RFID readers, and presence detectors to LED light strips and audio players.

The potential benefits of collaboration for both of our customer bases is fairly off the charts - both in terms of device integration as well as the deep analytics potential of interactivity - so we’ve worked with Nexmosphere to create a robust level of integration. The result is a plug-and-play level of support, making it trivial for Intuiface experience designers to incorporate Nexmosphere Elements in their work.

Recorded Webinar: Intuiface and Nexmosphere - An Introduction - YouTube
“Intuiface and Nexmosphere - An Introduction”
Recorded on 20-November, this webinar is hosted by Geoff Bessin, Intuiface’s Chief Evangelist and Bo Merkx, Nexmosphere’s Application Specialist. The agenda includes details about Nexmosphere’s product portfolio, a look at the integration with Intuiface, multiple usage scenarios you can build with the integration, and next steps for trying it out yourself.

NOTE: This webinar was created when the Nexmosphere integration was limited to Windows PCs. As of 27-Jan-2020, Nexmosphere support includes Android as well.

Here are the materials you can use to build your knowledge about the integration:

  • Nexmosphere Interface Asset: Found in Composer’s Interface Assets panel. In addition, the code has been posted to GitHub, enabling modification. Out of the box, it permits the sending and receiving of a single command between an experience and a single Nexmosphere Element. In addition, a drag-and-drop of this IA into an experience in Composer will create a data template you can use to send and receive commands from any Element. Modifications you may make to the interface asset code could include the combination of multiple Nexmosphere commands into a single call from Intuiface.
  • Nexmosphere Help Center article: A detailed description of Nexmosphere, the interface asset, the process for using the interface asset, and the X-Script command language used by Nexmosphere. This is the best place to begin your own introduction to Nexmosphere and the integration.
  • “Explore Nexmosphere” Sample Experience: We’ve replicated Nexmosphere Demo Kit XN04 within an Intuiface experience. Connect the actual demo kit to your Windows PC or Android device, run this experience in Composer or Player, and interact with the kit to test the connection and hands-on learn the X-Script command language.


  • 25+ minute video providing step-by-step guidance for use of the Nexmosphere Interface Asset and testing it with the Nexmosphere Demo Kit.

NOTE: If you’re interested in getting your own Nexmosphere demo kit - or have any questions about Nexmosphere’s products - contact Bo Merkx at Nexmosphere. She’s ready to hear from you!


There’s an update at the end of Geoff’s post, check the new video :wink:

Very interested but the Nexmoshere website is totally down…

seems like it’s up again!

Does the gender recogniton sensor works on IF? Thx

Hi Andrea,

It does, as any new sensor Nexmosphere would release, although it’s command syntax is a bit more complex and that’s why we didn’t embed it in the marketplace sample.
I’ll share a dedicated XP with you. Make sure the age / gender is plugged on address 4 of the board.


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Hi Seb, nice to hear from you! and very good news that this system works with Face Recognition. So only that camera and NX device are needed. I await for the sample…no rush. Thanks a ton!