Multiple toggle buttons and actions


I have a scene that has 6 small toggle buttons and one large button. If one or more of the small buttons are checked, I want the large button to be checked and then I want to be able to click the large button to trigger an action like jumping to another scene.
If I un-check all of the small buttons, I want the large button to be unchecked and go back to the original color state. Can someone show me how to do this?


Heya Mitch,

I made a quick sample I attached to this message for you to test.

A brief explanation of different elements:

  • a Simple Counter Asset, set to zero
  • a big Toggle button disabled to interactivity, here just for visual purpose
  • an invisible button, positioned over the big Toggle, with interactivity bound to big Toggle check status (if big is checked, button is working, if unchecked, it’s not)
  • 5 small Toggle buttons, all with the same triggers
    • on check, +1 on counter and check big button
    • on uncheck, -1 on counter
  • more details:
    • binding on counter: when is = 0, uncheck big button (so it’s unchecked when all small are)
    • counter is reset to zero when scene is entered



Test Community Mitch (6.0 MB)


Alex, that was very helpful , thanks so much !