Multiple NFC Readers - Single Tag - Single Presentation Query


We are trying to produce a single presentation which consists of 4 x NFC readers connected to a single PC, only 1 tag is to be used to trigger actions, only one reader will be triggered on/off at a time.

So basically a user is able to select one of 4 touchpoints and intuiface would be able to identify the reader that has been activated.

Does anybody know if this is possible?

Will the readers work through a USB hub?

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Hi @myservicedesk,

This is totally doable using Phidgets RFID readers as demonstrated in this sample.

Check the video below

Thanks Seb - This is the solution I think we are likely to go with and the video//widget/support resources provided by Intuilab are really useful.

Having a bit of trouble sourcing the devices in the uk though unfortunately.


Check Phidgets dealers here (there’s 1 in UK) if you can’t buy directly on their website

Thanks Seb - We have ordered some kit from these guys now.

On the video we see there is some sort of hub used - Do you know what this device is? Is it critical, and can we use generic rather than Phidget (this would save is some delivery time).


The transparent box on each reader is just the enclosure for the RFID reader.
The black box on the right side isn’t a hub but the PC and its USB ports on the front :slight_smile: