Multiple Customers on Same Experierence

Hi there,
I want to do something like this image.
that is : multiple users can do separate actions on same experience
which is similar to your video

each draggable component has navigation inside it (an experience or similar ),allowing user to preview multiple categories inside that component.

Hi Yusuf,

I lack details to give you a proper guidance, there are a lot of way to implement this behavior.

What your experience is about? Will it be map based like on the capture you attached?
What is “multiple users”? Two, three, unlimited ?
What is “navigation inside”? Navigation to what? Categories? Categories of? Related to the main scene? Categories allowing to?

Don’t hesitate to tell us more.




*About Sample products of my Company ,

*No it would n’t be a map like attached,rather I would use I video /image.

*Multiple users -> 2:3 Users.

*Naviagtion: like a user can see 4 main Categories,then each Category has a tree of Sub Categories(Simple or Nested).

*Like a Welcome Screen-> 4 Main Categories ->Sub Categories.

What target will trigger the opening of a menu/interface?
On the sample you posted, it’s a pinpoint on a map, but you want a video/image.

I am think of A ‘pinch to Start’ Button that will be clicked by Any User.

That will trigger an Instance of window containing The Customer Experience,in which he can drag /min/max/input /Close .

You can have a Group set as Free displaying Maximize/Minimize/Close buttons.

Depending on the Constraints properties you check, it will be movable, re-sizable and you will be able to rotate it.

Also, as it’s a group, you can put almost any Asset you need inside.

You can create some groups like this outside of your scene display (or hide them) and move/show them upon a user trigger.

It’s a small hint to start but you may want to investigate this path.

Have a nice Intuifacing! :tada:

Thank you,I did The part related to Draggable / movable / Close,

Now,where is the part That helps me in Allowing Multiple Customers on Same Experience ?

Hi Alex,
Any Update on How To Run Multiple customers on Same Experience ?

Hi Yusuf,

It’s a bit vague, it depends the trigger you pick to make each element appear for a user.

It can be a button, for instance, on press you can show your element at the same specific position for each user pressing it.

It can be on tap on the screen, you pull the coordinates from the “Is tapped” trigger and show your element at this coordinates.

You have to try and find the behavior that suits you.

Also, don’t forget we have a list of talented Creative Experts partners and a dedicated forum here.

Wish you the best for your project.



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Thank You for the Creative Expert Partner ,But I am trying to do it myself,
any Start Point would be Great ,

a starting point would be that Scenario :

“It can be a button, for instance, on press you can show your element at the same specific position for each user pressing it.”

how to do it,please ?

Lets give @Alex a rest.

Let me try and help.

Are you trying to open something depending on where the user touches on the screen?

Kind Regards



Let me jump in as well :slight_smile:

Here’s a link of an experience I just did: download here.
You might want to use this as a starting point. Here’s the basic idea behind the experience

  • create a group that will contain all the content you want to show to each user. This group will be big, you might need to create it first in a scene, then move it to its final position (see below)
  • put this main group in a collection such as an Asset Grid
  • Move this collection outside of the scene
  • based on whatever trigger you want - I used 4 buttons in the 4 areas of the screen below - call the “Open item” action on that Collection and put the right X / Y/ Orientation values.

How about this? :slight_smile:


That’s Sounds A very Useful Reply ,Thank you @Seb ,I 'll check it and Feed you back.

Hi @Seb Kindly Do you have an Example of a Multiple Customers Running on Same Screen,
I apologies for my Lack of Knowledge ,but still I want to see from the useful example above to something customer suitable.

The way you have to look at Intuiface is that its a blank piece of multitouch paper. Anything is possible, its down to the end user to create something for multiple users. @Seb has shown you an example on something simple to get the idea across but if you wanting a fully working solution then it would be down to the user who will be creating the experience that will give the experience the functionality for multiple users. Seb has given you alittle push in the right direction.

I hope this helps.

Alternatively any of the experts could build you a multiuser experience.




Hi @Louie,

I am the End User who wants to build The Experience,

What I’ m Looking for is a Live Example / An Experience in the Marketplace that Implements the MultiUser Concept,

So if You would to help,kindly provide useful Resources.

What @Sab Gave me is a button with Open Item Trigger of a Asset Grid,

Now instead of the Asset Grid ,I want Something more Complex like a Tree of Main Categories and sub cat. Below.

A small tip will be appreciated.

I just want to know how to move forward.

Do you have any visuals to what you are referring to?

That’s What Exactly What I am Seeking,may be you have seen something similar ,I am seeking an Example of A Landing page ,something all users can see ,till a user presses on a button to view his own instance of the experience,have you seen a similar example ?

Dear @Yusufm.salh,

The example I shared with you should already answer your question. Just replace the main group that contains the asset grid with “something more Complex like a Tree of Main Categories and sub cat”.
You can learn how to build this part in this Webinar recording.

It’s now your turn to build it :wink:

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Ok, thank You @Seb ,I 'll check and Feed You back.