Moving an asset grid to a pre-determined location



Is there some way to move an asset grid to a specified location when one of the items in the asset is touched? i.e. Move the grid until the item touched is in the center of the screen.


Hi Jonathan @j-geis ,

The asset grid has 2 “scroll to” actions that will let you make an element visible on the screen. The element will be aligned to the left / top of the grid if possible (enough elements remaining in the list after this one).

Else you are describing the behavior of the Asset Flow that you can setup to look like an asset grid, playing with its appearance properties.


Hey @j-geis,
Can you help clarify a couple of things?

Do you want the whole grid to move when an item is simply “Interacted” with? ie; the second a persons finger touches the item? Or when the grid is advanced to the next item? Or when an item is tapped to “open” it, so it floats?


Say 3 items out of several are visible on the screen at one time each one 640 wide x 1040 high so the three items take up the full 1920 x 1080 screen.

Interaction Example: The second the right most item is touched (invisible button over the whole item), the grid would slide left so the item touched would be in the center of the screen.


I think most of the galleries built into IF already have this capability, without even setting a trigger or invisible item. For example, if you have a carousel showing 3 of 8 items at a time…when you touch the right-most item, it will move it to the center “in focus”.

Or you can always set buttons with triggers like @Seb mentioned to manually make the carousel move to the correct position.

Does that help, or is there still something I’m missing?


When the left or right items are touched, they will slide to the center. The only additional problem I’m having is that I need to fire an event based on the item touched before it moves to the center. i.e. Some animations within the item touched takes place while it is sliding over to the middle position. As a group, we have decided to not slide the asset over to the middle and perform the animations on the asset touched.


Some snapshots with the different positions might help us to visualize your design and understand your issue :slight_smile:


Seb is right - it might be easier if you could possibly upload a snapshot or a screen video.

But to continue on from you statement - firing an event based on the item touched can be done a number of ways:

  1. Use comparison Interface assets so you can create events based on the Focus-number of the gallery. For example bind one value of the comparison to the item in focus of the gallery. The other value of the comparison is the number 2. When these two Equal - your event is triggered.
  2. If you’re using Excel you can do the same with the comparison asset. OR when an item is touched, you can set a filter on Excel which filters the specific identity of that item. It will center it, remove all other items, and you can trigger an event from this.
  3. If you are using Excel, you can create a data template. The data template could include a button…so every item has this button. But when the button is pressed it brings up the value of a different column of the Excel Doc…which could contain a webpage link, video link, image link, doc link, etc.

Just some ideas. But further explanation on your project can help pinpoint more ideas!


Hi there, just reading your reply about setting up Asset Flow to look like an asset grid. It’s exactly what I need! A vertical column that looks like an Asset Grid but behaves like an Asset Flow. However after a couple of hours of trying I’m finding it impossible to space the items evenly apart in an Asset Flow by modifying curtain aparture and wingspan. Am I missing an easy trick here?