is there a way if i had 4 seperate tables for an envelope button to be on each and give each a unique username for the ability to be able to send messages to each table from the separate control pad that’s available. like a mini internal email system where users can reply back to the control unit too.

also is there ability for the control pad that controls stages remotely to view multiple stages/tables or switch between if not and have the ability to show a hidden mini game that will be hidden on each table. or remotely open a browser or asset on the fly on the table.


Hi @mr.smith100285,

You can think about using Local network triggers to communicate between your tables.

To remote control your table apps, assuming they run on Windows, you could either use the free IntuiPad app - and yes, you’ll be able to switch between the tables - or build your own remote control IntuiFace experience that would use remote actions to send commands to your different tables.