Maintaining item state after closing

Good Evening-
I’m working on (trying) to use Intuiface for a very simple presentation. All in all, it’s not much more than having a few items dragged into a scene and marked as pinnable. Or possibly onto a pinboard.

However, I need to have item maintain its size, position and rotation after exiting the presentation.

Conceptually, is it possible to trigger an update to the item’s position when it is manipulated?

Many thanks!

Hi Sam,

Welcome to the Community! :tada:

In order to save the position and size of your elements in a scene, you can use an Excel Interface Asset.

The process will be to have in Excel each item’s X/Y/W/H/A (coordinates+Height+Width+Angle) using binding to a record and when an item is manipulated, update that record.

We use this process in the sample Task Board from the Marketplace. Feel free to download it, dig in and read the dedicated article explaining how it’s made.

Before you start, if you haven’t done already, I recommend you to learn the basics of Intuiface through our step-by-step tutorial, and watch our webinars.

Once you’ve practice a bit, it can be done in a couple hours, starting from scratch, with no coding :wink:




Thank you. I think I am off to a good start! I actually implemented that this morning and am (mostly) off to the races. Put that down as a feature request for me, though!

Thanks for the response!