Is there a scene limit in Intuiface?

Can I create as many scenes as I want?
What is the limit?

You can, but you shouldn’t :slight_smile:

I’ve personally seen projects with approx 500 scenes. I rebuilt the exact same project in 5 scenes, using appropriate excel files & data templates.

What’s your need behind this question?


I agree with you @Seb

But unfortunately I need to do this to get away from a problem found in Intuiface’s performance. See ticket # 17010 - Performance when playing video is terrible

I need to create 80 scenes with the advertising content of each store. 1 Scene for each store.
This way I can control the separate content for each, although some things are the same.

@Seb tell me what problems I will probably have with this approach?

Remembering that whenever we adapt things to solve a problem, we end up creating or finding others. So I hope you understand our situation.

Hi Jhoni @schumannlabs,

If your idea is to have 80 scenes with a video in each, why not having one single “video scene” with a video asset used as a placeholder, and before entering that scene you use the “change video” action on that placeholder?


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Yes, this is an option.
But it gets harder as I have different content for each store and device.
So having a scene for each one now may seem like an exaggeration, but then it will be easier to maintain in the future.
Playlist or content management is lacking in Intuiface and I’ve mentioned it before.
I know it’s not a “Digital Signage” system, but it could have some tools of its kind.

I’d be happy to talk about this on the phone with you, in English, and give some recommendation.
We have customers handling 700+ kiosks in 3 countries and 3 languages in 1 single XP that has just a couple of scenes.
They’re using Excel & System Information to filter the content based on the device unique ID.

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I would be happy if you spoke Portuguese, after all, Intuiface is a global product. :wink:
There really are times when the language starts to become a barrier.

I agree that filtering spreadsheet-based content is an interesting way to control this without having to replicate the scenes.
But it would only make sense if only the content changed for each one.
In my case, both content and screen construction can change.

So imagining a future with all stores running, with 80 stores X 2 devices per store = 160 scenes maximum.
I would like to know the level of content and scene complexity of these 700 kiosks.

And yes, this could be a subject when we talk in those 30 minutes Enterprise gives me.

Thanks for suport

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