iPad gestures (moving between iPad pages)

I have an iPad build where I need the user to be able to swipe from page to page. I want to achieve the standard iPad look and feel when you swipe you see the next page coming into focus and the previous page going out of focus. Can someone help explain best practice to achieve this

thank you

hi @martin.collins

Please find this help center article that explains about different collection gestures.
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Hi Hi,

Have you tried to use as trigger “When” with Gesture ; https://support.intuiface.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007430351-On-screen-Gestures ?

  • Player on iPad, Android, Chrome, Samsung SSP, LG webOS: Intuiface supports the gestures Swipe Up/Down and Swipe Left/Right, each of which can be used to trigger one or more actions. You can see these four gestures listed here.

And as Action “Then” ; Scene transition with “Cross fade” transition

note; I’m no Composer expert, however I wanted to try out of curiosity until you have a better answer ~