IntuiFace version 5.6 aka "The Designer Release" is here!


This release has been thought out specially for our designers. Here’s the full scoop:

Run transparent videos: On Windows you can now display videos with a transparent alpha channel. This enhancement was a huge vote getter in our user community so consider yourself heard. We do have specific technical requirements for making this happen; you can read about them here.

Display animated GIFs: They’re hip again and you can use them in IntuiFace! Grab your favorite animated GIFs and make them a part of your designs. No one can resist them!

Marvel at our see-through Player: You’re not going to believe.this but it’s true. On Windows you can now decide whether the background of your experience should be transparent. In fact, not only can you “see” everything behind Player, you can even interact with them at the same time as Player. Even our mind is blown!

Fine tune with new container properties: We’ve given you greater power over how to visually represent Image/Video/Webcam assets and Image Buttons. We call these options fit, fill and deform.

We’ve also increased the IntuiFace Cloud storage size limit: 3GB for Free, 10GB for Pro, 30GB for Ent

The new scroll collection we had pre-announced did not make it to the list, as it still needs to be refined. It should make it in the next major release.

We hope you will enjoy these new features. You can always read our release notes for details.

Support for Quicktime Video for Alpha Transparency