IntuiFace 5.4 coming up!

Happy to announce that we are close to the release of IntuiFace 5.4 a.k.a the Accessibility & Beacon release! Now in the hands of our reviewer friends at Apple Store since we always sync our Player for iPad with the rest of the overall product line. That should take about 5 days top!

Very exciting release, not only thanks to the Accessibility and Beacon features that we have discussed here and there, but because we have also made tremendous progresses as well re/ performances and reliability of our Players for Kiosk and Tablet. As Geoff put it once, this is very hard work: enabling everyone to create a rich iPad or Android app without coding? That’s not a value proposition you find that easily market! And, btw, if it is not hard, it just means we are not dreaming big enough, right? That’s our vision and we want to carry on with it until…

We’ll also open the IntuiFace Marketplace to other users who will have the possibility to sell their IntuiFace work.

Least, but not last for us, a brand new web site

Stay tuned!


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