Integrating with Payment Machines



Hi Guys,

Does any one have any idea how we could integrate our solution with a credit card payment device like Ingenico and/or PAX? I could not see any documentation on how we could ‘call out’ to an external Credit Card device.




Hello Alon,

IF does work with an IPP 350 Ingenico if you would like more information on how i got this working please feel free to message me.

there are two ways you could go about creating an asset to interact with the POS but it all depends on the payment provider.I used Worldpay but please its not a straight forward process to get this to work “Plug & Play” there are many validation rules you would need to comply with.

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Hi @alon,

To complete Louie’s answer, the main mechanism is for you to create your own Interface Asset to use your payment terminal SDK within your IntuiFace project.



Hi @Seb and @mike_backhouse. Thank you both for your responses, they have both been very helpful.
Would either of you be interested in developer this interface asset for me? I believe it should be fairly straight forward but we just dont have the intuiFace experience (nor the time to learn it at the moment) to build it ourselves.

If not, perhaps you know another expert that would be available to do this?


Hi @alon if you’re still looking for a developer to build your custom interface asset, please let me know. We can help!



Hi @alon,

You can find all the IntuiFace experts in this page.
As for us, we won’t have the resources available to develop that IA for you.