Import Excel Couple with Carousel



My excel import is currently a list of 4 pictures with descriptive data.

I have dragged onto Carousel. However they are grouped all together as a single entry on the Carousel.

I want the carousel to treat each excel row as a separate entry based on the excels index number.

This is are the excel columns
IDCategory Index Collection Name Description Photo Location


Hi Donna,

If you drag them into a carousel, they go in as a single entry. You need to create a group first that will have your pic & descriptive data, which are linked to respective fields from your excel file.

Then add the excel file to your scene, and drag your group over the the excel section on the left (the heading in the scene structure that says Rows). By default it will display in an asset grid. Change the asset grid to a carousel.


Thanks, I will look into it and get back to. I am running on Windows 7 and having some trouble with the drag and drop.


Hi Donna,

As Melvyn explained, when you drag and drop an excel from windwos to Composer, it will automatically create (by default) an Asset Grid collection with the elements of excel within.

You should Drag and Drop the excel on the scene not in the Carousel then change the Asset Grid into a Carousel collection. Please see the image below for more details: