Image Reveal in peaces by percentage its possible?

Hi people, i have one image, for example MylogoCompany.jpg, and i need split this image in 100 peaces

and i need showing this image peace by peace, where every peace is a % read from API Explorer.

call api explorer result 5% then, i show 5 peaces of mylogoCompany.
call api explorer result 15% then, i show 15 peaces of mylogoCompany. and when reach 100% i show a full image and call another Scene.

its possible in intuiface? thanks in advance.

Hi Rick @infraestrutura,

If you indeed have these 100 pieces in your scene, you could bind their visibility to the result of the API Explorer call. Then use a value converter such as a custom script to make sure the piece becomes visible if the returned value is above the proper %