How to get a dialogue box to pop up if someone makes a selection, but doesn't add in their e-mail


My client would like to have attendees at a trade show input data when they first interact with the XP. I would like to have a page where the user has the option to not put in their e-mail if they don’t wish to in order to advance to the next page. However, if they check one or more of a set of toggles, I would like a dialogue box to pop up saying “Please enter your email” if the email box is blank when they hit the “Let’s do this!” button.

Attached is a screenshot to help you see what I am talking about.

If you need anything else, let me know! Thanks in advance.

Hi Megan,

I am guessing you will need to add an IF trigger to the “Lets do this” button. The compares if any of the toggles are checked, that brings up the pop up.

Attached is a sample, i just used 4 toggles as a test, hope it helps.Project (6.0 MB)

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Drop me a line attach the project and i will have a nose at your XP :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

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Thanks for the sample! That was EXACTLY what I was trying to do. I had the “If” statement all ready to go, I just couldn’t figure out how to get each selection to be an “or” in the statement so that it would bring up the dialogue box for any selection, not just when all of the choices were selected.

I must be blind (my mother says I get my father’s tunnel vision sometimes… to the point that if a snake were right in front of me, I wouldn’t see it if it wasn’t what I was looking for, ha!), but I still can’t figure out how to make a condition an “OR”. When I hit the “add a condition” button within my original project, it puts a condition on the trigger, but in your sample I see where you’ve got conditions that say “OR”. How do I change them? (You can chime in too if you want @Louie_Smith, I know these kinds of things are as easy as breathing for you. :slight_smile:)

Thanks in advance! And have a good weekend!

Oh! Duh! I just figured it out… drop-down menu! :rofl: :sweat_smile:Blah.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

Okay, so next question… is there a way to have “AND” and “OR” statements together?

As in: email box must be empty AND toggle 1 must be checked OR toggle 2 must be checked OR toggle 3 must be checked

Am I overcomplicating things now?

Hi Megan, I’m dont think you can have conditions in the dropdown under the same trigger. As a work around you can add another button that when pressed checks if the email field is blank, if the condition is true, it simulates a tap on the 2nd button that checks for the toggle buttons checked state. I did a quick test and it works. You can set the 1st button (email check) to be visible and the 2nd button (toggle check) to invisible.

Attaching the demo again. hope it helpsProject (6.0 MB)

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Huh! I didn’t think of that.

I had a late lunch and am just now getting back to this; I was playing around with the idea of having multiple triggers on the “Let’s do this!” button, with a trigger for each toggle.

For example:

When button is pressed> If email is blank AND toggle 1 is checked THEN popup appears
When button is pressed> If email is blank AND toggle 2 is checked THEN popup appears
When button is pressed> If email is blank AND toggle 3 is checked THEN popup appears
When button is pressed> If email is blank AND toggle 4 is checked THEN popup appears

This seems a little unwieldy, however.

I’ll try out your way and let you know! Thanks so much for helping me out.


Works like a charm! :facepunch: <— I mean for this emoji to be a fist bump, but I see that it’s actually called “face punch”, haha! Oops.

Anyway… you’re aweome!

Thanks, you’re welcome anytime

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