How to copy contents of one excel cell to another across multipe rows?

I was hoping this would be easy (and maybe it is) but I’m struggling with it. Does anyone have any advice for a way to use a trigger to copy the contents of one Excel cell to another for multiple rows?

For example…

With a single trigger I want to copy the contents of C1 to E1, C2 to E2, C3 to E3, etc. where the number of rows may vary based on filters or different sheets.

I know how to use a simple counter with a global variable to “set value” a cell’s contents across multiple rows of a single spreadsheet, but this works on only one value and typically to the same value (eg, a button could trigger an action to set the set all the cells in C1, C2, C3 to “1”)

I also know how to embed a button trigger in each displayed row of an excel data spread that can be used to copy the contents of one cell to another in a single row, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to use a button or toggle outside the data spread to trigger/action that will read the value in a given cell and copy it to another cell in the same row…but do that for multiple rows at once.

Any ideas?? Hopefully I’m missing something obvious.

Hi @david_gaudet,
I think I understand what you’re trying to do, but it’s a little little unclear. To clarify, we may need a little more context as to what you’re trying to accomplish with your XP. Is it a quiz or a form intake of some kind? This may help us to a better answer, or even suggest a better way. Thanks!

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Hi @david_gaudet,

I think I understand your issue, since you can’t (yet) bound a action parameter to an Excel cell value of row X, X being bound to something like a counter.

As Alex suggested, could you tell us more about your scenario & needs so we might help find another approach?



Thanks for the response, and sorry for never picking this back up, fellas. I got retasked to a different project that had me locked in a little room for two months with no contact with the outside world. Such is the way when you work for govt. contractors sometimes. At any rate, I figured it out.