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This would be good if we could bind a Group Visibility which means you can Show/Hide the group via Excel binding this would save a lot of time binding the individual assets this works on its own but not in a asset grid.

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Not sure this answers your question…But, as a work-around, you can create a group inside of the main group. Put all your assets inside that “sub” group and bind the “sub” group visibility to Excel (or any IA that feeds the asset grid)

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As @AlexL, I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. You can already bind a group visibility, and if you have multiple assets, you can group them and bind the group property.

If this Group is the root of a Data Template in an ordered collection (Asset grid, asset flow, carousel…), you can’t bind its visibility since it would create a hole in the collection.

Could you maybe give us more details on your scenario?