Gradient Color Binding

The color gradients for certain assets was a truly awesome feature.

Let’s make it a little better! How about giving us the ability to BIND the colors in the gradient? Not only would the be great for people like me who use a color palette and bind everything to that…but it would also open up some neat color changing effects. Thoughts?

  • YES, let me bind colors in a gradient!
  • Nahhhhh

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Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but you can already do it :slight_smile:
The only thing you need to know is the syntax behind each type of gradients and you should already know how to get that information :wink:

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Haha, I figured you’d say something like that! It’s a little complicated, but it’s cool to see how it can be used!

However, in the regular gradient settings, wouldn’t it be neat to be able to bind each color code when you click on each stop of the gradient?