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I know earlier Intuiface used the Microsoft kinect for gesture control, was wondering if the same thing can be done in the webcam assett. This would definitely be a good thing as alot of people have big monitors installed without the touch. Using gestures via webcam we can navigate using a monitor without touch.


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Just thought I’d bump this thread as i see immense use of this. Most stands/ installations nowadays can afford a huge normal monitor and a webcam instead of a costly touch monitor of the same size.

If we can get this to work, intuiface will definitely go further as it will become more affordable for people to just have a normal monitor with a web cam.

Customers today and budget conscious, so helping them spend less on hardware, can allow them to spend more on content development.

Just my two cents !!

got some interesting links that use webcam gestures -

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Hi Melvyn,

Just thinking of it, with the new External Triggering feature of IntuiFace 6.0, if you have a third party tool that can handle the webcam + gesture recognition, you could easily send some commands to an IntuiFace experience.
Keep us informed if you find something you could edit to add this communication mechanism.


Hi Seb,

I did explore a few options, like the camera mouse app, the webcam in that just allows you to control the mouse via the webcam, so did not achieve much.

With Intuiface web cam gestures, it would be alot different, gesture control would be something similiar to the Kinect asset of earlier intuiface, only this time it uses the webcam instead of the kinect sensor.

Bumping this thread again, with the current COVID 19 crisis, alot of people are interested in exploring the touchless interactivity, this is where the Leap Motion & Kinect projects that were shut down can be of good use.

Since these sensors are hard to find, Intuiface should start at looking at newer sensors like the Xbox one or Orbbec range of 3d cameras -

I responded to this topic in a separate thread: Touchless interaction

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