Dynamic timers

Hi all,

on my experience I have objects we call ‘popups’, a single user view (on a multi user experience) which shows images or videos.
When I open the popup I see pictures.
On the popup itself there is button ‘VIEW VIDEO’ which hides the images and shows+play the video.

My target is:

  • if popup shows pictures --> timer 30s
  • if popup shows video --> timer = video duration + 5sec

Can you help to find the best way to do this?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Paolo,

Are you opening the same “pop-up” (= Group collection I suppose?) or are there 2 different groups?
In the second case,

  • on your pictures pop-up, use an inactivity timer on the main group, set to 30sec.
  • on your video pop-up, use a video ends trigger on the video asset, and add a start time of 5 seconds on your action.

Would that work for you?


Hi Seb,

the ‘popup’ is just one, so we have the same group collection.
We made it ‘dynamic’ hiding-showing images or videos basing on a button.

What do you think?


You can then use conditions on your timer, based on which part of your pop-up is visible or not.