Dynamic control of layers via action and triggers

Here’s an idea submitted by Paolo Tosolini :

"There are instances where it could come handy to have dynamic control of the layers in a group or a pinboard.

For example, you could press a button and you could bring to front an item in a pile, or push it back by a few layers, depending on a specific parameter."

What do you guys think?

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Are you asking for a feature comparable to “Arrange” tool in several other design software?

For instance in Photoshop, ctrl+] and ctrl+[ to bring forward and send backward?

If so, I’m all in for this.

no they are saying that they want to change layers in play mode (not edit mode) via triggers and actions.
So items in the back could be brought to front in play mode for example.

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Hm, you I believe you can achieve this via show/hide actions already

Show & hide don’t really affect the order of the layers. The only way to change them is in authoring mode, but there are scenarios where you might want to do it dynamically inside the app.

Good news @tosolini, you idea is coming to life in our next release (in the upcoming week). Thank you for this suggestion :slight_smile:

I’m closing the voting poll.

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