Dynamic content by folder

Okay, Is the experience going to be on the same network as to where the files are hosted?

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Map the shared folder location to the PC with the experience and use the folder you have mapped in the collection, if that fails to work you will need to create a ROBO copy script to add things from folder A to Folder B that should help you with the scenario.

But i have found a solution:

Create your collection and change the URI location inside the IFX file. I wouldnt recommend doing this but this may be a work around.I simply replaced DefaultValue="Player://data/collections"/> to DefaultValue="the location of your mapped folder."/>

Once you take these steps you will have the dynamic folder show all of the content inside the collection.

Project 1.zip (2.0 MB)

Please see the attached example project open the IFX file and look for that location and replace it with your mapped location.

AGAIN I wouldn’t recommend this but this is the only solution i have found.

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I’ll be more specific:

In the Collection component I need to tell which directory its contents will be in.

I don’t want to change the content of the whole project.
My project contains fixed and dynamic data, either local or coming from an API call.

Hi Mr. Schuman! :wink:

On this topic, there is an article that may help you in our Tips’n Tricks section of the Help Center: Use Shared Folders with Collections.

ROBO copy script to add things from folder A to Folder B

You can also use a sync tool like MirrorFolder (paying/shareware) or SyncToy (free/Microsoft).




This will double my entire media base which is very large.

Still I won’t be able to show it in the project because Collection components can’t show dynamic content.

Alex and @schumannlabs have a go at my suggestion with editing the line in the IFX file it should do the trick.

We don’t have that as a “built-in” Interface Asset but it would be totally doable to create a custom .NET Interface Asset that will read anywhere on your Windows device (including a network drive) and populate a collection.

I’m summoning @Seb to this thread as he speaks .NET fluently :wink:

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Perfect. If they can do that, it would help me a lot.

I just tested the ability to drag a folder into the Collection.
But I realized that her link is fixed and I can’t change the Data Source through runtime triggers.

Am I right?

Yes you are, the content you dragged has been copied inside your experience in order to be packaged (and then distributed) with it.

If you want to access content from a directory outside of the experience, a Custom .NET Interface Asset is one way to go.

I am sad to hear that this is not a native feature.
This is basic in almost every software I have tested to create my interactive application.

Today I have no way to develop it, perhaps in the near future who knows.

Can someone help me?
How do I request this and how much does it cost?

I was here testing API integration and that’s exactly what we’re talking about.
Collections receive dynamic content from the API call.

I need this, but with content coming from a directory, not the web. Where the directory will change with each call.

Any idea?

As replied above, .NET Custom Interface Asset is the way to go.
With some coding knowledge, I guess it would require a few days to create.

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@Alex, sorry for my insistence, but …

I see that Intuiface is a short step away from allowing it what I need.

I was able to dynamically reference images in a directory by simply linking the image path to a text box. A very simple and obvious test.

I’m very new to the platform and maybe you can quickly visualize an output I don’t know yet.

Is there no way to create a dynamic link without having to write code for it right now?

Thanks for the effort! thankful

Yes you can, that’s what I linked above one of my previous answers here, this article is using exactly dynamic links:

But the issue you may encounter is that you will have a unique folder for the whole experience which, from what I’ve understood, doesn’t meet your requirements.

@Alex I have tested this feature, but in fact it still does not meet me.
Me only partially, see why:

Folder contents are loaded and displayed dynamically = OK!
The folder is a link and does not take up space in the project = OK!

The folder is a fixed link and cannot be changed = NOT OK!
Collection is linked to fixed library content = NOT OK!
Compatibility with other platforms = NOT OK!

Hi @schumannlabs,

Having a custom Interface Asset sounds like the ideal solution for your use case, where you’ll have the flexibility to create your own data template. 2 options there:

  • JavaScript: already exist, sample available here, but will only read a sub folder in the experience (JS security limitation). Using SyncToy to mirror your existing folder in this XP subfolder would make it work, but would indeed double the size used on your hard drive. But you can do it today :slight_smile: Other advantage, it works on all the Platforms Intuiface supports.
  • .NET: to be developed, could do the same thing as the JS version, but without the limitation to an XP sub-folder. Downside: it would only work on Windows. Developing such an Interface Asset is not in our current roadmap as it could be done by any Intuiface user and doesn’t require bandwidth from our product team.

Other options could be discussed as well, depending on the existing data we are talking about, its structure, usage, etc…

Let us know if that helps.



I am very grateful for the commitment of the Intuiface team!

I tested FileSystemBrowsingJS, but it didn’t work.
The Asset Interface show error


As @Seb mentionned before:

Are you using a subfolder inside the FileSystemBrowsingJS Interface Asset folder?

Understand. It worked now.

But in this case, the path is still restricted to the project folder, and even though I can change this property at runtime, I can’t point it out.

I agree.out…