Do Off-Screen Assets Consume Resources?


Working on building an experience that has multiple different “screens” under one scene. Essentially a workflow guiding users through multiple steps. Realize best practice is to break up amongst multiple scenes, but long story short I need it all in one scene.

Essentially I have a dozen or so items/forms/images/etc laid out outside the visible screen area, and as they are each needed I move them into the visible area, then move them back outside when done with it. I’m running on player for Android Kiosk and the unit doesn’t have the best specs, and noticing a drop in performance/responsiveness as I add more content. Do these assets, although off screen, still consume resources? Would moving them off screen AND setting visibility to off make any difference?


Hi Patrick,

Yes, content laid outside the visible off-screen definitely consumes resources. You can set them to be invisible and make them visible only when they come into the visible area.

Setting them to invisible out the visible screen area reduces consumption.


Hi Melvyn,

I wish I had known this when was working on my first XP! That would have saved some memory and improved performance. Oof!

What would be the best practice in doing this? I’m supposing two actions connected with one trigger, ex:

WHEN button is pressed> THEN “move item 1 to (x,y coordinates)”, “show item 1”

Or is there a better way?


I usually put things into a group and then put everything into the scroll asset. If there’s too much content, then I hide everything else except for the main screen. The I add a trigger to first scroll into position the specific group and then an unhide action.


Methinks my first XP (which will need an update soon) is going to get a MAJOR overhaul! Thanks!


@megan - same here. Spent most of my morning tweaking my experience. Performance seems MUCH better now.

@melvyn_br - I’m actually doing it the other way around, unhide the asset, wait a few millisecond, then move to position. I found that in some instances the unhide command would show some latency if executed at same time as the move command, spacing them out a millisecond seems to work.


@patrick.madden you really have to experiment what works best with your setup, I found for me the way I do it works best, my setup is not that great, but it works great. You can use the scroll asset if if you have a group occupying the full visible area, it saves you the effort of setting up the X & Y positions. You just set the scroll trigger to scroll to the specific item.