Data rate for PropertyChangedEvent + other events to avoid crash

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I have noticed that if a program calls the “PropertyChangedEventArg” in a .net asset too rapidly, it will crash Intuiface. To avoid this, presently I have a timer in my program so that property changes and other events are only triggered once every 20 milliseconds (or more). I was wondering if someone from Intuiface could explain to me the exact circumstances that trigger this crash, since our application is still crashing about twice per day and requires a reboot even with this fix, and I suspect it still has something to do with the datarate…

For example, it seems like calling the same trigger (event) multiple times in a row with no delay is what causes crashes…this is why we’ve implemented the timer, so that each event has to wait 20 milliseconds between calls. But I do wonder if calling different events back to back will trigger crashes…

Another question I have is if there’s another way to avoid crashing Intuiface in this circumstance. Does the software provide some kind of interface that can alert the asset when it is ready to receive a new message?

To elaborate a little bit, our asset is an Intuiface implementation of skeletal tracking software, so a high data transfer rate is necessary. This is why I’m concerned with how to transfer as much data as possible, as efficiently as possible, without crashing Intuiface in the process.

Hi @emphelp,

Can you please contact our support team about this issue so they can assist you in the best way possible?


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