Critical size of intuiface presentation


Hi there
we are working on a sales presentation in intuiface. The idea is to create a libary for our sales rep, so that they can find all the information in that presentation.

Now we are at the size of 1GB. Everything still works fine. So the question is, are there know issues with the size of the intuiface presentation like:

  • lack of responsivness
  • instability
  • etc.

Thank you and best regards,
Nico Oesch


Hi Nico,

There is no actual size limitation, however if the project is gets extremely big and complex in terms of number of scenes, triggers/actions, assets size…, Composer might get slow while editing, specially if you are not using a powerful machine.
If possible you should consider some architectural planning before creating a great scale project. In that sense I would strongly recommend you to read Optimize performance article available in our Knowledge Base which contains useful information to help you to ensure that your experience and its embedded content will perform optimally on any platform supported by IntuiFace

Kind regards,


It actually depends on what content you’re using and the design of your presentation. Heavy multimedia tends to slow down and causes an XP to get sluggish. I have lately been working on a few projects that just involved optimization.

The initial design just went to the limits throwing in any and almost everything, only to later realize the size was over 1 GB and performance poor !

My experience so far… keeping it simple = good performance.


As a member of the IntuiLab support team, I’ve seen 4GB projects, super-well organized, that run smoothly on a regular PC. The project size was mainly due to a lot of high-res videos, but loaded / displayed only when required.

On the opposite, I’ve seen some 500Mb projects that were sluggish in Composer because of too many scenes (200+) and in play mode in some scenes with multiples web browsers / videos loaded when entering the scene while they were useless at this moment.

As Melvyn said: keep it simple.
As Alberto said: check our Optimize performance article and I’ll add try to organize your project well by avoiding multiple similar scenes.