Colors and sizes moving from 1 item to another

I am seeing some strange things happening with the Task Board I am using on my project.
I added a background rectangle to show how long a task will take and a color. Each is set to match the model of the tag. 1 model is yellow and will be x pix in size. When a tag is deleted, the other tags inherent the size and color of the deleted task regardless of the binding. I also noticed that although I have 6 tasks, the IA will show 120 rows.

Should the visibility be added updated in the excel file?

Any ideas???

Hi Brian,

As I replied on your other thread: I think we’re lacking context here and you may have to give a lot more details about your experience, and probably share it here if you can.

If you can’t, I recommend you to open another* ticket on Support so our team can investigate.
*(1 issue = 1 ticket, more convenient)



I published my ex to the cloud. I added a toggle button the Task Board example that hides the "Status button and shows a rectangle behind the task tag. The rectangles are sized based on a “model” attribute. When a task is deleted that has the rectangle shown, cell values from previous rows are overwriting other rows.

I created a help ticket and was able to share with Seb. What is your email and I can share the XP with you.

Don’t worry, Support should be enough, Seb and me are watching :slight_smile:

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