BrightSign Player cannot find images

I’ve been testing my experience to tweak my build so that it plays nice on BrightSign, but today I’ve found that half of my images are not loading. They’re showing up as a white rectangle with a broken document icon and a message that says, “Can’t find /Files/Images/Name_of_file.png”.

This is happening with JPEGs and PNG files. I had tested the experience using “Simulate Player on Other Platforms” Mode without these errors. I’m not sure of the best method to resolve this issue, but I’d like to avoid doing a factory reset and/or a microSD card reformat if at all possible.

Has anyone experienced and resolved this issue? Any assistance or input would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @cullenb,

I recommend you to open a ticket to our Support and share all details so they can investigate.

Kind regards,


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Thanks, Alex. I created a ticket late yesterday. I got the feeling there aren’t a lot of people in the community using BrightSign.

From what I see, you also closed it yourself as it seems you found the solution in our Help Center. :+1: :tada:

I was doing that in between meetings and calls yesterday, so I probably closed that by accident. I will start a new one now. SMH.

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I reopened the ticket for you, stay tuned while our Support Team investigates … :mag_right: :wink:

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Thank you, sir. Mihai is on the case. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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