Binding error

I share a small problem that I encountered on Intuiface: I had bound the size of a rectange of my scene 2 (X,Y, W,h) on a rectangle of my scene 1 (something very simple): at first it worked very well, but after a few moments X Y W H displayed a value of 0. I changed my values manually to avoid this problem.
I would like to understand why I had his values, do you have an idea or is it a simple bug?
Thank you in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

Hi @intuiface-scd,

It would be easier for us to help if you contacted directly our support team here. They’ll ask you to share your experience with them so they can look directly into it.

Just based on your description, I can’t say it looks like a bug, but I’d need to have a better idea of what was “after a few moments” :slight_smile:

Hi @Seb
Thank for your answer.

Yes, I actually left my work on Intuiface for an hour. When I came back, the binding had changed to 0 (and of course I had not recorded my work before I was absent…)
Ok I will contact the support team to clarify this problem.
Best regards.


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