Bind minutes and seconds?

how do I need to format the timecode (minutes and seconds) in a spreadsheet for the value to correctly pass into the Time field under the WHEN STOPPED tab of Video properties? Or is there some sort of converter I need to use on the binding?

found this in the documentation but cant tell if it applies to all time values or what:
“timer triggers (thus it is not possible to pass the timer’s duration into an Interface asset.)”

I’m not sure about time binding restrictions to Excel. Perhaps you could create a middle ground such as two more Excel columns converting to M,S respectively and bind to that. OR, you could try to bind a global variable in Interface to the spreadsheet and use converter to format it and then bind the poster time in video to those global variables.

With Interface Composer Pro, I use a fair bit of javascript to convert a timestamp into seconds. Can provide an example if requested - it takes me some time to find it…


Thanks so much, Richard!
I just had to use the converter set to “00:00” to format the value from the spreadsheet. Counter intuitive since my spreadsheet values were already formatted as time (1:20 etc). Maybe Intuiface ignores the colon when it reads it in so you have to add it back in.


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Hi @carson, Would you mind sharing how you did the converter and the spreadsheet? I’m trying to do the exact same thing and can’t get it to work. :frowning:


Hello David,

I don’t know if I understood correctly but if you want to set up the exact time for the poster of a video, you can set it up in your Excel file using the hh:mm:ss format.

It will look like this:

(don’t forget to set the cell format as Text)

Then you can use a binding to the poster time property in your collection like this:

Every video of your collection will have a poster image set at the time you specified in the Excel file.




Thanks Alex! Your advice worked perfectly. :smiley:

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