Asset Grid - Move Controls & Hide Keyboard


I have an asset grid that has the controls enabled to scroll up / down.

Is it possible to move the location of the control ( arrows ) box. At the moment it is just above the selection area which makes it appear above some text. What i would like to do is move it below the selection area so it doesn’t appear in front of anything.

Also, different question. Is it possible to hide the keyboard when "enter is pressed. I have looked everywhere and it doesn’t seem to be an action option. I must be missing something as i expect it’s common place to hide the keyboard when no longer needed, i.e. finished entering text into a search box.



Hi @rod,

For your asset grid, it is currently not possible to change the location of the control box. However you can play with the height of the asset grid to make it fit underneath your text.

Regarding the keyboard, you need to exit the editing mode of your text input(s) in order to close the keyboard.


Perfect, thanks @Chloe thats fixed it.


Hi @rod,

Regarding the asset grid buttons, you can also

  • hide the asset grid controls
  • create your own buttons that will call the previous / next actions of the asset grid, design them the way you want and position them where you want