Asset flow position



I want to move a background image in X linked to Asset Flow movement.
Is that possible?

I couldn’t find a parameter in Asset Flow that inform the X position / variation.



Hi @ulisses,
Off the top of my head, I don’t think it’s possible to inform the X position of another asset directly from the Asset Flow collection. (You could however, bind the asset flow’s index to a counter, using a math parameter to add or subtract…say 50 each time the asset flow is scrolled. Then bind your other asset’s x value to this counter and it should move +/- 50px each time the asset flow is scrolled. But it woudn’t be a smooth-scroll)

Alternatively you could use the Asset “Grid” instead, because that has a scroll-offset property to bind to.

Good luck!



Coudn’t I use the flow index * 50 and associate it in a trigger (maybe asset drag) to get smooth move?
Do you think it is possible?



Yup, that’s another way to do it for sure. It will probably be very similar in the way it moves, though. In either case - your asset will move in 50px jumps, instead of a smooth transition. To have an asset move in exact proportion to your collection, you’d need to use something that has that ‘scroll offset’ property.