Asset Flow, but looping the assets

Hopefully I’m neglecting an already existing feature, but I’m wanting to loop 8 items with 5 showing at any particular moment, so that once it starts it’s showing items 1-5, then 2-6, then 3-7, then 4-8, then 5-8 and 1, then 6-8 with 1 and 2, then 7 and 8 with 1-3, then 8 and 1-4, then back to 1-5 again. Is there a way to do this with an existing collection that I may have missed?

Hello @cullenb,

The only collections that have a loop like that are the carousel and the swap.

Try taking a look at those and see if they could work for what you need.


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Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, swap can’t display five assets at once and carousel won’t allow for equal spacing between assets.

That’s alright, though. I’ll probably just copy the same group of assets over and over to make it run a long time, then have it fade out while it scrolls back to the beginning then fade it back again right as it’s done.