Are there Mobile App Limitations?


I was throwing around the idea to post a project to the app store - apple and android. After reviewing the documentation here:

And I have several questions:

  • Where can I find information about the limitations of the xp once it’s published as a standalone app? Does each app follow the limitations regarding android/apple devices? Or is the app 100% functional like playing on a windows device?

  • To update the app, will it need to be re-published to the store?

  • If the app points to web content, and that web-content is updated, will these changes show? For example, if I have a picture URL in an Excel doc…with the new picture show if I update that link to a new picture (without changing the url path)

  • If someone views the app on a phone or tablet, do the graphics scale properly for each device?

  • Besides following the rules of the app stores - what are some best practices to follow?

Thanks for any help or advice from staff and users with experience on this!


HI Alex,

Let me try to answer your questions below

  • The xp published as an app for Apple / Google Play stores will have the same limitations as when using Player for iPad / Android. We package the latest stable release of IntuiFace Player for iPad or Android + your XP + icons, splashscreen, app info, etc… and we publish it to the desired store. The engine behind remains IntuiFace Player.
  • Yes you have to re-publish it to the store, it is mentioned in this section
  • Yes the changes will be taken into account, provided you restart the app on the device or refresh the scene / assets that are bound to the data source.
  • The app will only be available on tablets, as mentioned here. It will scale to the resolution of the tablet while keeping the aspect ratio, adding black bands when needed. (16/9 vs 4/3 for ex)
  • Best practices are the same than for creating an app for IF Player for tablets



Fantastic @Seb, thanks for putting this together, this helps a lot!


Hey @Seb I have another question here.
A client of mine seems to like the idea of creating an app from a recent XP. However, they may have some sensitive company content in it, so they only want their own staff to be able to download it.

Is there a way to package this up and put it in a place where only my client can access it, or allow only who they decide to download it?


Hi @AlexB
I think you have an option to post to the public store or private (on google play anyway)


Hi @AlexB,

It depends if you are targeting Android or iOS devices.
In both cases, with our Post to Store we can deliver you the packages (apk and/or ipa) and let you handle the delivery to the customer / users.
You can then distribute manually the package or use some third-party private stores.