API Explorer - Triggers to Activate/Deactivate Parameters

I think it’d be cool to set triggers that will activate/deactivate parameters. It seems that sometimes I want to use or not use parameters at run time.

Currently when a parameter is deactivated, it no longer shows up as a property. The main goal would be to still have these parameters available when needed.

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Here is an example that applies to this idea: when using the filterByFormula parameter in an Airtable query. You may want to have no filter at the beginning (parameter deactivated), then “add a filter” on demand and be able to “clear” it, as we do with Excel.

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How is this done for FilterbyFormula parameters to have “Blank” parameter value?

“#” " "?

The solution I’ve found is to create a dummy column, with a generic filter.

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Hi Louie,

When it comes to Airtable, usually I work with an “harmless” parameter.
As your database will always have a unique, not null, primary field (represented by a small lock, see below), I’m using it in a dummy request.


In the case above, from QSR Sample, I send requests with:

As this will always be true, it won’t interfere at any moment with anything and it will set the filterByFormula parameter as existing and usable, and you will be able to reuse it later with another criteria.



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