API Explorer - Allow Blank Parameter Values

The API Explorer is great! I can’t wait to see how much further this new feature can go.

One small thing I think would help is to allow BLANK parameter values. I see sometimes in an API that blank parameter value will keep the parameter active, but won’t manipulate the results until a value is put in.

Right now, when a parameter value is left blank, a Zero is automatically entered, which seems to break the feed for several API’s I’ve tried.

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Hi @AlexB,

Thanks for your positive feedback !

Could your please share one of those API with us ?



Sure! The one I’m currently working with is NewsAPI.Org: News API – Search News and Blog Articles on the Web
It says if you leave one of the parameters in the “Sources” endpoint blank, it will return all results. I’d like to be able to still use the parameters at run time though, but allow them to be blank when I set them up in composer.

Hi @AlexB,

I better understand your need and pushed that request to the API Explorer roadmap.



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Awesome, thank you!

There’s probably a link between this thread and this other one about activating / deactivating a parameter.

Reminder of my usage (for @alban) : the filterByFormula parameter in an Airtable query. :slight_smile: